N.I Glass Creations

Handmade Art pieces for any home to enjoy


Nadia A Ioannou

Nadia is a mainly self taught Craft Artist who uses her Artistic skills to combine the world of Art & Glass Engraving. Her Artistic background is based in Line Art and Watercolour painting taught by her Mother who was a painter herself. She has also studied the art of wood carving, stained glass and engraving.

Growing up Nadia was always an Artistic person, constantly coming up with new creations from plasticine figurines as a child to baking cakes and watercolour paintings as a teenager. However, it wasn’t untill her late teens and early twenties when she started to take her drawing seriously resulting in attending West Dean College of Arts and Conservation.

There she gained the chance to try Glass Engraving and fell in love with it, continuing to learn the Craft by herself. It was only in 2020 when the world was forced to stay indoors, she started experimenting with combining the art of glass engraving and fine arts. Since then she has created several artworks embracing the combination of Line Art, Abstract Painting and Glass Engraving.

If you are interested in seeing the creative process or any other behind the scenes relics please follow Nadia on social media, especially instagram.

Thank you.